"It was all like a diary like something would happen to me and we would write a song about it.
And like my nana died while we were doing music for cars which is our third EP and she died right in the middle of it. And I was kind of devastated by that and then one night we were working on that record and then I was just playing the guitar through the laptop and George created some kind of amazing kind of pad out of the guitar while I was playing and I just sat there and played for about 20 minutes. And that became the fourth track on the EP without me even realizing it was being recorded….

I think those moments are what stand out in our body of work because we’re a pop band, we love pop music, we love things that rely on classic pop sensibilities. But there’s a genuine strain of honesty and humanity and real life running through all of it. And you know, our fans know that, our fans really really get it. That’s why I love some of our proper fans, because they know more about this band than I do.”